Weekend workshop is a very interesting and succesfull way of learning, experiencing and excepting spiritual growth as a big and important part of us. We are not just our physical body but a lot more then that and we have an incredible amount of power laying there to be discovered.

With the right approach and logical explanation we can heal each other, we can become young again, we even can get another chance for a better and more natural life. We all have the power to heal people within us and I discovered mine years ago, since I’m successfuly helping others to activate selfehealing and selfgrowth. I’m not the one doing it, I’m just a intermediator of healing energy and all the informations one needs to here in order to get the perfect healing process.

I don’t intermediate just the energy and informations about the person beside me, but also so many other informations concerning a better life, natural ways of healing to achieve perfect health, growing and a lot more. For this reason I created  a few workshops that became famous and very visited in Slovenia and want them to go worldwide. Not because they told me so, but because I want everyone to discover it’s unique possibilities and talents that they have in order to start becoming abundance from every level – health, money, love, prosperity and so on.


Do you want to become an energy therapist?

This workshop will learn you everything about energy, intuitive and heart healing. It’s a weekend workshop, saturday and sunday, all day long in order to learn as much as possible.

Saturday program:

  • Hand activation with sexual energy
  • heart healing and opening meditation (guided)
  • all about karma, laws of karma
  • ways of natural healing
  • healing our past techniques
  • ways of healing with hands
  • preparations for healing
  • procedure of healing for every disease or problem (healing in couples)
  • Grigorij Grabovoj techniques to heal ourselves and others
  • the test for chakras
  • protection – how to protect ourselves and others
  • the connections between our thoughts, habits, way of living and the problem, disease
  • body language – how to understand the source of the problem concernig the physical look (wrinkles, body shape, acnes,…)

Sunday program:

  • opening all the sides of the sky in order to call for angel help
  • the connections between to souls in order to get informations
  • cleaning the biofiled and the room we are healing in
  • activation of the guardian angel and archangels around you
  • connection with mother Earth and healing of the past, karma and childhood – roots healing
  • energetic cleaning with the elements of nature
  • energetic cleaning with with the help of Goddess and fire dragon
  • energetic cleaning with the help of a vacum dark energy cleaner and the point of neutralisation
  • cutting the energy cords
  • entity search
  • chakra conditions – how to examine each chakra
  • opening and cleaning the chakras
  • intuitive situation with each chakra – blockages, dark energy, negative emotions ecc
  • filling each chakra with divide healing energy
  • balansing and cleaning chakras with holy-wood from Siberia
  • Divine guidance
  • opening the heart
  • gold and violet flame for cleaning the blockages
  • soul retreat – returning the lost part of the soul (a peace of soul is lost in case of a shock, long lasting depresion, ecc..)
  • understanding the karma
  • cleanign the past negative experiences from the soul memory



Our health is a very and most importante, we have to treasure it and more then that, listen to our body and understandnig that today’s medical and pharmaceutical assistance doesn’t provide the apropriate healing, even more, we need to stay away from any products made in the labaratory beause it’s only made to destroy our healthy conscious, to stain our body with chemical products and to become their consumer for a life time. Well, I know we don’t need them, we can heal ourselves.

Workshop healing heands combines the most successfull techniques of natural healing that were rediscovered by several great people and brought back in order to clean the entire Earth, it’s habitant and to get the chance to unite oneselves with nature and every being on this planet. It’s never to late to start again and this 8 hour long workshops will give you the insight to the perfect combination of hand-mind-energy healing proccess.

The workshop’s program:

  • healing with the power of our hands and mind
  • hands activations with the sexual energy – a short meditation (our second chakra contains sexual energy that has nothing to do with sex, attractions and so on, but has an incredible power to heal you and others)
  • longer meditation: Open your heart to heal (only an open heart can heal others)
  • procedure of healing for every disease or problem (I make couples who heal each other in order to get the feeling how to heal with your heands and mind)
  • Grigori Grabovoi techniques and healing numbers (to set a goal, to find your life’s purpose, to lose weight,…) There are some very strong and efficient techniques for cleaning negative energy out of the body, chakras and organs – we can use it in order to clean ourselves or others. Furthermore we will discover the great power of our minds and energy.
  • healing meditations for every day
  • positive affirmations and their use
  • the help of goddess, angels, arhangels and others, the activations of guardian angel and angel caretaker,…how to use them for others? How to call them, thank them, call them out and so on.
  • selfhealing proccess
  • chakra testing and how to balance it for yourself
  • how to clean your chakras
  • the law of karma, the rules of the universe
  • how to clean your house energetically and how to clean a person
  • preparations for healing (lavender, music, straight back, relaxation, ecc.)
  • and a lot more…ALSO: each one present gets angel reading with the most important messages concernign health, job, love life or any other area.