Sundari is a Sanskrit name for girls and it means beautiful woman. Idealistic, sensitive and emotional, this is Sundari. She is courageous and determined, but rather dualistic: on the one hand, there is the pleasant and affectionate woman who is quite extroverted, altruistic and extremely sensitive, especially the ones born in February, September or November. While on the other, we have a shy, cautious and wary lady who is more introverted, intellectual and industrious. She appreciates solitude and is herself discreet and composed with a critical or even cynical mind. These two tendencies are not necessarily incompatible, however they do set them apart from other people. 15979181017_454987901178355_762912098_n

Sundari is my name written in the stars and a vision of my work and everything I do is extremely related to the meaning of the name. With my sensitivity and years of experiences with people I gathered together everything I have to offer in order to raise consciousness and awareness. There is no better solution for this planet than this, helping people realised how important we are to each other and how correlated a human being is with nature and all other creatures around us. We are all one and we must start to act like that. Compacity, gratitude, unconditional love and peace is what we urgently need to place in our homes in order to spread it around. There are to many children starving and being killed, all in the name of money and greed. The only way we can help is to start with ourselves!