What does actually the word healing means? It can be used for many different occasions and services. Still, this word has a strong meaning and it can’t be used always. Some people might say, how can you heel if you are not a doctor. My response to this is very logical, because I’m using knowledge that is acent and works much better as any other method from our well known medicine. Of course we don’t need to stop following our doctor’s prescriptions and therapies but can beside that start to ask ourselves why the problem or disease came in the first place. How come this problem occured in my case? The only solution to the problem is finding a source, a cause that started the problem. The cause is not to be searched in our physical body, but in our energetical, mental and spiritual body. The information about the disease or the problem is going to be found in other levels of our being. It is very possible that the cause is well hiden in our subconscious and it comes out every time we are in the situation that started the feeling in the first place. Yes, we are talking about our feelings that we have towards ourselves and all the people around us that were set in our subconscious between the age of 1 and 7. in our early childhood. Certain people or situations that we have in our lives can strengthen this feelings and even start a disease. It’s all about feelings, moreover about negative feelings that we have inside. Anger, fear, doubt, envy, sadness, shame, grief, depresion, despair, jealousy, frustration and so on. All this feelings can cause a disease or a very big problem that comes out and can even destroy everything we have built so far. So, healing means eliminating all this feelings out of your subconscious, so you can start to live your life with positive feelings only and in the name of love. That’s the purpose of everyone’s live and being. Once you healed your past, your childhood, your relationship with the loved ones, you can start to live your life, the way you want and share it with the people that ectually deserve that. Of course we need to understand that everything that happend in our lives so far is just because we needed to learn to except this feelings and furthermore change them into positive. Every person in your life is your teacher! But of course, why waisting your preciuos time and wait for others to reveale you true self to you, when you can press the button ON and begin to heal yourself. This planet urgently needs to be healed and cleaned from the negative energy and your help with this project is to do it first with yourself. Be the example and the change you want to see in others! Help mother Earth become the place of pure unconditional love and freedom. Forgive others, forgive yourself and eliberate from everything that has been causing your failures and your problems.