Goodbye fat 4ever!

Every pain, every energy blockage, everything that makes us feel down, has it’s own message. Our body is a result of our minds, thoughts and all the convictions that we took as our own. These convictions were most probably taken from our parents, other family members, our teachers, ecc., but most of them are from our society and media. Furthermore with all that we gained a bunch of negative emotions that makes us unhappy and unsatisfied with ourselves. The lack of love we feel towards ourselves is the main trigger for all the problems in our live.

The same thing is with weight and fat. Did you know that mainly our feelings makes us fat?   So how can you shed the weight and the emotions that are holding you back? Is not that complicated! You just need to start to eliminate the negative emotions out of your life and body!

You already know how a diet works! You lose some weight and afterwords when you start to eat normally, all the weight comes back, usually, you also gain some extra weight. A diet is not the right way to lose your fat, you need to change the way you feel and the way you live. You need to clean your negative emotions and all the unnecessary data – your energy karma given to you from others and your past life. Once you start to love yourself and once you free yourself from all the blockages, you start to lose weight and change your life for a lifetime. Your happiness is waiting for you to become a free man! Every extra kilo you are carrying has it’s own purpose! Sometimes your weight protects you from all the negative energy around you. Obesity comes for many reasons, don’t underestimate the weight of emotions!

I’m carrying all my weight on my hips! Which emotions are a reason for that?

This fat has it’s emotional results in lumps of stubborn anger at your parents. In generally, extra weight is a result of oversensitivity, fear, a need for protection, a cover for hidden anger and/or a resistance to forgive! The first step would be to forgive your parents, to understand that they did the best they could! Once you realise the pattern behind the actions of your parents and once you forgive them, your negative emotions free themselves and you start to lose your weight. Of course, this is not a process that happens in a day, but takes its time and patience. Once you replace you negative emotions with the positive and lovable one, you take your life in your own hands and start to breathe with ease and joy. Your relationship with others become stronger and flowable.

How does this program works?

First we need to understand which emotions are making you overweight and which healing process will eliminate this feelings once and forever. The healing process includes energy healing and cleaning, positive affirmations as a homework, self esteem and self acceptance meditations and so on. Of course, everything depends on your attitude towards the problem. Once you accept your emotions you are already half way through Where there’s a will there’s a way!