IMG_8823Physical work and recreation go along well with personal growth. Everything that happens on a physical level fortifies our body and mind, fortifies our capacities and inner strength. Each athlete must first believe that he can make it and also completely trust himself. Recreation and any kind of sport encourage love towards the athlete and his body. Being capable of reaching our personal goals and limits make us feel happy and satisfied. RecreationIMG_8826 and personal growth are a perfect combination. Doing both together make the results come sooner.

As a aerobic instructor and a high sensitive person working on energy healings I started to combine this two elements in order to get the perfect workout! Two of mine Sundari workout are a results of all my experiences considering aerobic, pilates, joga, ecc. and healing. In my life I have tried everything in order to find something that will blow my mind, help others to reduce stress and start the energy healing. In 60 minutes of my workout you will do different types of breathing, visualizations, positive affirmations, ecc. that will start to heal you chakras – your energy points in you body that contain all the informations about your health, feelings and actions. Your chakras will start to clean, rebalance and open themselves in order to give you the perfect health. Of course, the healing process will not stop after an our of Sundari workout, as I will make sure you are doing you homework and not allow negative thoughts to enter your biofield again.